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TYAN S1590S Trinity 100 AT

This page is for people who own the Tyan 1590 Super Socket 7 Motherboard. I saw a need for a "Solutions Page" because technology is growing so fast it is outstripping our ability to accomadate. In order for the Tyan 1590 to operate at it's best all systems must work together. The Motherboard, the Via chipset, and Microsoft software must all work together in a seamless fashion. The problem arises that Win95a was made before the new technologies even existed! And, the peripheral device market has grown by leaps and bounds and has a hard time keeping up with new standards. It is no wonder that we must continually add bios updates, software pacthes, and other "fixes" to our systems to keep it all running smoothly. Thats whats this page is about! It is a place to keep up-to-date about the new fixes and how to implement them.

Please Note: The Tyan 1590 does not have any more problems than any of the other Socket 7 Motherboards! I have heard battle stories from all factions. Tyan owners are just solution oriented and thus create newsgroups and webpages to help solve their problems ;-)


Tyan website
1590 General Overview
1590 specs at Tyan website
1590 Bios Update at Tyan web site

Via Technologies web site
Via Tech. Drivers for 1590

AMD CPU website
AMD K6-2 3D Now at AMD website

Getting the AMD K6-2+ / K6-III+ to work on your Super Socket 7 board
USB (Universal Serial Bus) Home Page
Super 7 Hardware Guide
1590 User Comment Page at the Super 7 Hardware Guide
McBrides Tyan 1590 Page
Tyan S1571 Upgrade Page by Scott Holland

Tyan Motherboard Newsgroup
Search Deja News for Tyan 1590


Message Base - for the Tyan 1590 Motherboard and related issues



How do I assign an IRQ to a Plug & Play device?

TYAN 1590
Beta Bios s90w116 for K6-3 CPU's up to 450MHz - New April,24,99
AMD K6-2 Jumper Settings for Tyan 1590 - New May 28,99
Core Voltage Settings for Tyan 1590
How to change the EPA Logo to your own picture!
Why does my Fan Speed say zero rpm?
Windows 95 OSR2 will not recognise the hard drive controller
Windows 95 OSR2 won't recognise my atapi cdrom or atapi tape drive. I am using the Microsoft drivers.
Tape backup drive (the type that hooks up to the floppy controller) isn't detected

Not many yet. Why don't you type one up and E-mail it to me

Where to Buy

Upgrade Source
Motherboard Express - Combo Deals
Micro Pro Inc.
A2Z Computers
Aberdean - Tyan 1590 Page


Anand's Hardware Tech Page - Tyan S1590S Trinity 100 AT Motherboard Review
Tom's Hardware Guide - Tyan S1590S
Hardware Zone - Tyan S1590S
Big Ed's Tech Site - Test results of Tyan S1590S w/AMD K62-350

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