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Why does my Fan Speed say zero rpm on my TYAN 1590?

You must have a fan that has a built-in tachometer to see the speed of the fan in either the bios or the monitor software. A regular fan has only two connections, +12 volts and Ground. Fans with the tachometer have a third connector for the tachometer. It must be plugged into the connector on the TYAN 1590 board that is closest to the CPU. It even says "CPU Fan" next to the connector. Actually, there are two fan connectors close to the CPU and a third next to the ATX power connector. Only the two closest to the CPU are monitored !

McBride says:
"The monitor software doesn't monitor the connector closest to the ATX
power connector.
Evidently the onboard chip that does the monitoring only has 2 inputs
and both monitor the connectors closest to the CPU. Got this info from
Tyan Tech Support."

These fans cost $5 to $10. Cheap!

Where to get fans with Tachometers:
CNET Shopper
Case Outlet

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