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How to Change the EPA Logo on the Tyan 1590 Trinity

The following can mess up your BIOS chip!
If you try to update the bios and something goes wrong then you may have to:
1) buy a new bios chip, and/or
2) take it somewhere and let a professional burn it for you.
Anytime you use a Flash Bios program there is a small chance of screwing up your bios chip.

Modern motherboards based on Award BIOS have a boot-block BIOS. This is small area of the BIOS that doesn't get overwritten when you flash a BIOS. The boot-block BIOS only has support for the floppy drive. If you have a PCI video card you won't see anything on the screen because the boot-block BIOS only supports an ISA videocard. The boot-block BIOS will execute an AUTOEXEC.BAT file on a bootable diskette. Copy an Award flasher & the correct BIOS *.bin file (that hasn't been modified) on the floppy and execute it automaticly by putting awdflash *.bin in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.
This is so easy to do, and will save you lots of grief if something goes wrong!

The EPA Non-Polution Logo shows up on boot (see top of page).
Haven't you ever wanted to change that logo?
Well, there are just a few steps:

1) Get the following programs:
a) BMPtoEPA - Converts BMP files to EPA Logo Files.
b) CBROM - Extracts or adds EPA Logo files to bios file.
c) Tyan Bios Update Page - You will need the newest Bios and the Flash Utility found on this page. The Award Flash program will load the new Bios onto motherboard chip.
2) Make a BMP file 136x126, 2 color. Any picture you like.
3) Load it in BMPtoEPA and add color, click "Make EPA".
Don't use long filenames.
4) Now load CBROM and add the new EPA image file to the bios file.
Like this: CBROM126.exe s90aw114.bin /epa mylogo.epa
5) Boot up in DOS mode and run the Flash utility to load your new custom bios!

PLEASE NOTE: in step 4 we used "/epa" as the command.
Don't use "/Logo" because that is something very different!

Also, of minor note: BMPtoEPA is a shareware program.
It leaves a very small "MR" initials in right hand corner of logo.
Registration seems to be "$20 or whatever amount you think appropriate".

Thats it! Now you have replaced the EPA LOGO.

Flash's Home Page - Newest BMP2EPA and More.
The EPA Pages - Has EPA Logo files, some info.
Bios Customization Page! Great!
Wims Bios Page - Info on bios
BIOS FAQ - Best Bios Faq I have ever seen!

Have fun!
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