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Beta Bios to help Support the AMD K6-3 up to 450Mhz

It's me again, passing some good info for those who want to try the K6-3 CPU's up to 450MHz AT THEIR OWN RISK!!

Although, I have tested it running an older rev of the motherboard just to make sure I would not run into heat related issues and I did not. I simply installed Win98 and WinNT using (3) 128 meg modules made by ATP. Installed a few games including Quake's, EA's SuperBike, Rainbowsix, and a few other 3D intensive type games with inWin98. The system kicks-butt I must say. And i'm not saying it just because I work for Tyan, but rather ran it neck and neck with a P3 system and was very comparable in performance. The new Tri-level cache really makes a difference--COOL!

Here's the BETA BIOS--the final release will be available in the near future and the K6-3 CPU will be supported then by Tyan--check the Tyan web for this updated info in the next few weeks!!


Tyan Tech Support

s90w116.bin Download here!

P.S. The above was a letter sent to me from Gilbert. The only thing I
would add here is that you should make a Boot Floppy with an Autoexec.bat
that will burn the old Bios in case the Beta doesn't work for you!
1) Format a floppy
2) At DOS type: " Sys A: ". That will make it bootable.
3) Copy all Flash Bios software and old bios to floppy.
4) Make a Autoexec.bat that will burn the old bios.
5) Try to burn the Beta Bios.
6) If the Beta doesn't burn correctly or doesn't work for you then reboot with the floppy.